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Climax approaches digital differently. We don’t just build websites, we build platforms to support your customer experience, data and analytics, information systems, ecosystems, and more. Maximizing the strategic value for your business, we deliver solutions that are performance-driven and scalable.?

Our API-driven approach helps your digital ecosystem grow with your business. Climax DevOps ensures competitive delivery speed.?

We favour a strong API infrastructure, the basis of platform business models on which ecosystems are built. Through strong?upfront?API?architecture, we?are enabling the future of IT infrastructure for our clients.

  • Adaptation: We understand?business needs are continuously?changing, and a strong API?infrastructure helps to?anticipate these changes; through careful planning, we architect flexible APIs to support change in your business?needs.?
  • Integration:?Creating an application layer can allow for personalized data to be?distributed to new audiences for custom user experiences.?
  • Efficiency: Through API access, generated content is published automatically across all available channels so that content can be shared and distributed with ease.?

We favour cloud-based solutions, versus traditional IT infrastructure. Through leveraging the most innovative technology available from trusted partners, we are empowering our clients with a competitive edge, turning ideas into solutions faster.?

  • Flexibility: Scale services as needed, and access cloud services from anywhere.
  • Efficiency: Accelerate your time to market (TTM) by eliminating lumbering procurement processes, and making it possible to deploy shared resources, managing them on a shared platform in an efficient way.
  • Strategic Value: As an official Microsoft Partner we are able to leverage the most innovate technology available. Applying this technology to your business allows you to stay nimble where your competitors must devote IT resources to managing infrastructure.?

We follow modern UI design principles, creating fluid and responsive experiences that put your users first.

  • User-Centric: Minimizing interruptions to the user throughout the web experience is critical, which is why we develop single page applications to support this important modern UI design principle. Putting the user first also means giving them quick access to the information that matters most to them. We achieve this with clean, concise interfaces that are easy to navigate, and look great as well.
  • Engaging: We create meaningful micro-interactions; events made to engage the user and provide visual feedback. They make the user experience more rewarding, provide instant and relevant feedback, improve website navigation, and make your site feel more human.
  • Scalability: We discussed the benefits of modern UI for web users, but how does our approach to UI impact scalability of your digital presence? We develop user interfaces as components, which are modular blocks of code, able to be reused in future developments and easily accessed by other applications.

With the increasing complexity of software, using manual methods for software delivery are no longer sustainable. A robust set of DevOps Principles and Practices is crucial for successful Agile Delivery, increased TTM, and to minimize risks.

  • Automation: We employ Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery best practices to automate software releases from development to deployment. Through automation, we are able to release new features and patches faster, giving you a competitive advantage and keeping your customers happy.
  • Rapid Delivery: Through the adaptation of Continuous Delivery, coupled with lightweight techniques (i.e. microservices), we are enabling teams to take ownership of services, allowing for quicker releases. Quicker releases = faster response to customer needs.
  • Stability: Our DevOps methods help ensure the quality of software and infrastructure changes by testing that these changes are safe and functional before they are applied. This is all achieved through industry standard tooling and support.
Our client engagements are set up for success from inception. How does our approach translate into project management and oversight? Click here to read about a typical client engagement.