Case Study: Acura - Climax Media

Acura Working With A Premium Company

Communication Is Key

As part of Climax’s close partnership with Honda, we also work extensively with their Acura product line. Working with Acura requires our entire team – from designer to developer - to be aware of branding and voice. From our first project, we needed to communicate the company as a premium brand; invoking style, sophistication, and attitude. Here is how we’ve done that so far.

Our Approach

Out of all our work with Acura, one project that stands out is the new models homepage. As with our later redesign of Canon Canada, this project relied heavily on visuals. We wanted to create a beautiful interface for Acura’s customers, which would show off the sleekness and elegance of the company’s products.

Success In The Small Details

While much of this project’s focus was in communicating a visual message, our team obsessed over the technical approach. As with all Acura projects, we are 100% responsible for back-end infrastructure, along with all logic, hosting, API's, and UI functionality. Working with the team at Acura, we made sure everything fit within their ecosystem and worked seamlessly together. This helped ensure no lag time, styling issues, or negative effects on the user experience.

There was no room for error.

More to Come

Acura is just one of the many Honda product lines which Climax develops products for, including Power Equipment, Motorcycles, Engines, Marine, ATV SxS, and Honda Canada Manufacturing. But our work with the brand shows our agency’s keen awareness of audience, design, digital strategy, and technology. While adhering to rigorous brand guidelines, we’ve been able to create engaging and fulfilling web products to help ensure Acura’s brand is communicated effectively.