Case Study: Build and Price - Climax Media

Build and Price Customize Your Dream Vehicle


The automotive market in Canada is extremely competitive, and the window to capture a customer in the buying cycle is getting shorter and more mobile. In order to serve their customers better and help them find what they need more quickly, Honda Canada and Climax collaborated to build a new way for users to discover their dream car online.

The Challenge

While an existing legacy tool was already in market helping users build and price a vehicle, its antiquated user experience and a non-responsive design was not helpful for mobile users. This meant that two different versions of the tool had to be maintained in the past as well as two different experiences with separate APIs. The tool wasn’t helping users find what they wanted to easily from a non-intuitive interface, meaning conversion was difficult. All this, plus a mandate to have a stellar mobile experience, prompted the creation of a new Build and Price tool that is responsive and a part of the Honda integrated experience.

The Experience

The new experience leveraged a truly agile development model to create an experience for users that truly works. By iterating on user experience, user interface design, and functionality in flight, the tool took shape with a fluid staged design. Users move through the funnel providing information on model, trim, and financial information through six distinct stages. We leveraged our knowledge of Honda users, and created custom experiences that were unique to each customer and their history with Honda. These all lead back to our core KPIs for the project, getting users to a dealership and capturing leads.

The Technology

Built in REACT redux as a JavaScript framework, the new tool knows where you are within the application and every component is informed automatically about what actions you’ve taken so far. This means that the Build and Price tool gathers more information about the user as it progresses and gives Honda Canada more intelligence to leverage.

We approached the project using Styled Components which allowed us to test and analyze components in flight. This helped reduce bug retention and test cross platform more easily, helping to reduce operational costs. We leveraged an advanced new functional application approach for Google Tag Manager to better manage our analytics and bind to reusable events, meaning this method can scale. This allowed us to carry information for GTM throughout the build instead of isolating and simply tagging a user.

The Results

The results speak for themselves, within weeks of release, thousands of vehicles have been built in the application giving Honda valuable insight into what consumers are looking for. It is by far the most used application on the Honda web platform. The new Build and Price tool connects with their entire buyer’s funnel, helping users find their vehicle and know what their next step is in their exploration before buying.