Case Study: Freedom - Climax Media

Freedom Mobile Propelling a Telco giant

Taking The Next Big Step

Freedom Mobile wanted to make some noise in the Canadian telco space. After spending some time as a flanker brand, Freedom saw that their best hope to crack the “big three” lied in building a digital presence that could meet their competition head on. They needed a digital platform that would engage users, deliver their product message, and increase their customer base. So they came to us.

Our Approach

We took a completely holistic look at their digital presence, digging through all the documentation we could in order to understand their entire ecosystem. As a result of this, we were able to recommend digital solutions that would benefit all of their digital performance, including tech stacks, SEO, store locator, PPC, media targets, customer care, and self-serve support.

Everything needed to work together to make their digital transformation feel unified.

The Results

Since product launch, has seen more than 34,000 new activations, with users being able to successfully find the content that is the most relevant to them. Our analytics team has noticed a more engaged, and active customer base. Our work produced the following results:

  • 98% year-over-year growth in web traffic
  • Session Duration grew by 1:41
  • Pages per session nearly doubled
  • A 33% decrease in bounce rate

Set up for growth

From strategy, to creative, to development, we propelled Freedom’s brand and helped deliver users to the finish line in a seamless user experience. We exceeded the company’s business goals, and better positioned them as an industry competitor for years to come.