Case Study: Honda - Climax Media

Honda Canada A Digital Transformation

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A Long Term Partnership

As Honda Canada's primary digital vendor, we’ve delivered hundreds of projects that create unique experiences for their customers at every stage of their buying cycle. We’ve delivered across the board, including infrastructure design, user experience & user interface design, quality assurance and accessibility testing, and custom functionality such as a financial calculator. We take every project for Honda Canada with the utmost care to fit it into their ecosystem so everything has the same look, feel, and brand experience.

Honda, Acura, Power Equipment, and ATV / SxS Redesign

In a space as competitive as automotive, motorcycle, ATV/SxS, and Power Equipment, getting customers information quickly and easily to build comfort is vitally important, and serving them in a way that makes it easier to purchase is the best path to conversion.

Starting with strategy and user experience design, we break down the user’s goals and possible hurdles to create an experience that delivers. Our architects take the proposed interface and functionality to develop an implementation plan managed by our Product Owners, who champion the user and the business goals. From there we build the product using AngularJS and ReactJS, with care taken to meet WCAG compliancy standards.

Honda, Acura Global Geo Location, and Dealer Locator Tool

Content personalization can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product. User’s goals and pricing can often be different depending on where they are. Building out a custom solution for Honda and Acura, we created a geo-aware tool for their website that could tie into all their existing tools, making it easier to get local pricing, special offers, and custom information while they select their vehicle. From a strategic and user experience perspective, we were also mindful to include clear CTA’s for the user. We can even tie them directly into a dealer after they have built their dream vehicle.

Our approach involved ReactJS to build out the functional components and tie into an overall analytics strategy through Google Tag Manager. The system was thoroughly tested for accessibility and cross platform functionality utilizing real devices, as well as automated testing to ensure it was ready for production no matter who used it.

Looking Ahead

Honda Owner’s Portal was a big deal for us. The project culminated years of insights and analysis into Honda platforms, and helped us address a major issue for the company’s customers. We not only set up our client for further growth, but helped show the size and scale of platform that our company can take on. And we’ve only just gotten started.