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Owner's Portal Virtual Garage Management

Connecting Customers

One of our most impactful projects for Honda was a customer portal built to enhance their existing customer’s experience. Our solution allows customers to access a virtual garage where they can make payments, view transaction histories, update personal information, and even review recalls. Customers can upload all of their vehicles as well as other Honda products with a simple and easy to use interface. This platform is built on a complex and robust back-end, stemming from a network of APIs and infrastructure which scales with Honda Canada’s growth.

Our Approach

We started with our Product Owners, Business Analysts, and Technical team working directly with Honda Canada to define the business goals for the project. This culminated in a complete discovery that defined the direction of the project. Our team then broke everything down into a technical and creative approach that could satisfy the needs of the user through user stories. These user stories served as the basis for our functional requirements and what need they had to serve. The development team broke these user stories into tasks, which were assigned in sprints, to iterate and create the best possible product.

For this project, we selected an Angular framework for the front-end which allowed us to break the front-end down into flexible and lightweight components. We combined Honda’s APIs and database framework so they could scale the product as Honda grows. Our technical team worked tirelessly with Honda Canada to integrate the VIN validation, customer database, and dealer locator into the project with the goal of the user having the ability to access any piece of relevant information in a snap.

More To Come

The results are a platform that Honda customers use regularly, and more importantly, feel comfortable processing financials on. The owner’s platform now serves as the foundation for Honda to build off of, where they can add features, enhance the customer experience and help sell new vehicles.